Of course, while watching the Director’s Cut of Watchmen and staying away from trouble today, I thought of putting something here at my blog a different topic. Other than life crap, rants, chismax and well, more crap. It is time to have my view on the ongoing UAAP senior men’s basketball games!!! Before, I am not into this because UST before really sucks. Especially Cyrus days. hehe

Anyway, let’s brokedown the teams and what will be their fate in this season. NCAA review will be later, if I am that eager to post one. hehe
Cut the chase and let’s play ball!
1. Adamson – After losing close games with UST, FEU and DLSU, they won vs. UP in a close game. I saw their line up and they have a good one, it’s just they can’t make it at the end game. Like last game, oh crap. Very poor rookie mistake. He should be benched at the next game. Coach Leo is a good one, but I don’t know what kind of offense they have. Defense, no problem with them, because they do good defense, it’s just when it comes to offense, they don’t have a go to guy. They do have, but Colina is still not good. Canuday, ayun, ika nga ni Rheg, mag sekyu muna. hehe
Dahil diyan, di sila mag final four because of inconsistency. Dapat umayos sila sa opensa kasi sa defense, wala naman problema kasi sa mga laro nila. Organized defense. I predict, 6th sila. hehe
2. Ateneo De Manila – As we witness greatness in the first 3 games, ayun, nasibak sila ng winless UP. hehe Sana tumaya ako sa odds. hehe Ika nga ni Al, mukhang yumaman ang mga gambling lords sa laro na yan. Anyhow, They have a complete lineup, no doubt about that. From center Rabeh, to Baclao, tapos Buenafe which coming from the bench then Salamat tapos Jai. They have a good bench as well, Salva, Long, Chua tapos may gumaling na Monfort na nakatsamba sa UST. hehe Mukhang nag milo best ng isang taon kaya ayun, naka tsamba sa UST. Why tsamba? in the UP game, he was not a contributor.
In the UST game, one commentator told that this team is stronger than the championship team last year. I bear to disagree, because Chris Tiu is really good at that team. Unfortunately, Chris used up his playing years. Chris won’t be replaced by Salamat or well, Monfort. hehe Or even Jai. Chris leadership and well, the gulang moves benefited the team. So nobody in the present team na kayang palitan siya, kahit si Rabeh na nakita ang weakness sa UST. Mainitin ang ulo and can’t run, so they’re kinda lucky against UST. They were not in UP. hehe
But it doesn’t mean they cannot win a championship again, they can still. They have a dominating big man and a complimentary big man who can defend. Kaso sa Run and Gun, medyo huli sila. hehe Pero ayos talaga ang team, may shooters and slashers and knows the system of Norman Black. They will win it all as long they dominate in every department and rely to their MVP. And their MVP should be versatile and composed in every game.
With that said, their place? Ehem, 2nd place. hehehe Why? Check FEU.
3. DeLa Salle University – I will be killed by Rheg if I will not be transparent for this team. hahahaha
Why? After an amazing finals appearance last year, even in a not complete line up. Here you are, watching them annihilated by UE. Second game? Oh, crushed by FEU, without using Barocca and Ramos, that much. Well, they won good sa UP tapos, eto, kung di buenas si Kish sa Adu, talo din sila. hehehe
They have problems, many of them. Number 1, no leader, or go to guy. Tama si Franz na lahat feeling JV or Rico, na wala naman nangyari. All of them tried, but they failed. Mabuti na lang they have a good offensive coach under Dindo. Pero that doesn’t stop there. Medyo kailangan nila muna mag organize offense muna kasi walang player sila na magaling na slasher, or post up or pure shooter. Buwakaw din. hehe
Oops. Di pa tapos yun. Si Mangahas dapat ang mag take charge sa offense, kasi siya lang naman mismatch pero di purong mismatch. It’s just pag kaya naman niya edi go. hehehe Di yun papasa lang niya kay Bader na wala naman ginawa kundi tira na agad. hehe
Atkins should also be their point guard but inconsistent. hehe Yun mga rookies nila, malakas, kaso hilaw pa. Kailangan nila magdevelop, well, asap together.
Defense, wala naman problema kaso they are not doing it together, kala nila kaya one on one defense kaso di naman pwede. Kaya natambakan. hehe They should stick in their full court defense since kaya naman nila, and remember, they don’t have any strong player. I can say, di naman sila masisibak ng grabe kaso pag ganun ang laro nila for the whole season, marami sila talo. I mean marami. It may result pulling out pledges. hehe
They will develop for sure kasi di naman papayag si Franz na ganun na lang. Kaso not this year talaga. Sorry Rheg and I am glad that you indeed know the fate. hehe Pero tignan natin sa Sunday, baka may pagasa pa sila against UST. hehehe
Their place? hmmmm either 5th or 6th. Sorry they won’t make it to the final four. They have a chance but slim chance. It’s better than slim and none.
4. Far Eastern University – On all the critics and fans or even the sports writers, not almost all but at least most them, believes that this team will go for the win. Me? Oh definitely. Why? You have 2 players played under Coach Toroman, meaning, they have not only pro experience but international experience. Kumpara mo to last year? Siyempre, nag PBL pa yun halos lahat, tapos sa champion team pa, so another advantage na naman.
Well, when I watched the game vs. ADMU, dun mo makikitang hirap ang ADMU. hehe Buti na lang, may MVP sila at the right time.
ADMU escaped that game with a win. Luckily for them. Pero parang finals na nga eh, wala nga sila sagot kay Baroks, tapos si Ramos, laki ng improvement, kahit si Rabeh, hirap. Ano ba yan? Pano ba yan? hehe
Then second game came, they barely sweat against DLSU. Grabe talaga si Barroca, ni isa sa kanila, ankle broke. hehehe Ramos already have a presence inside, effortlessly. Kung pwede lang sila magpadraft sa PBA, pwede na. Kaso di pwede. hehe
Except for the AdU game, medyo kapos, pero thanks to Barroca, they won easily.
Di lang naman yun dalawa magaling, siyempre, Cawaling, tapos yun rookie nila si Garcia, tapos yun mga support nila, ok din, pwede nga first five sa iba eh. hehe Sama mo pa yun Cervantes.
They are complete team and composed, I won’t be surprised if they beat ADMU at the second round, or in the finals.
Of course, with that said, they will be champions. For me. hehe
Masyado talaga sila malakas. Especially with the 2 players they have. That’s what you call, a dominant team.
5. National University – Hmmmm I don’t know with this team, but what’s new? Hans Sy now managing the team, Baculi is their “athletic director” which in the future, siya na din ang coach. hehe Pero in terms of overall, medyo nagimprove sila. May bagong gym, because of the funds. Recruiting, kasi nagrecruit sila ng import, Singh, pero magaling naman. Ano pa? Hmmmm That’s it. They still lost anyway, pero sa tingin ko lalakas to kasi yun nga may future sila with the new management and recruiting. Anything else. Wala na. hehe I just don’t know where to place them, because pagkatapos nila manalo sa UP, eh sunod sunod naman tambak nila. So malilito ka kung talagang may panalo pa sila. No offense.
But what’s assured for them, they won’t be in the final four. They will be either 7 or worse, 8th place. hehe See ya next year.
6. University of the East – Hmmm after watching them wacked DLSU. Even Lee has more turnovers, they still win! Hehe Ok, let’s go at the ADMU game, first half, good, but when 3rd quarter came at pinabayaan na si Rabeh sa ilalim, ayun, game over. hehe They won easily against, NU but UST? Ehem, wala silang pambantay kay Ababou saka Mirza. hehe
Advantages? Well, they have Lee, MVP sa PBL, ankle breaker but it’s just mukhang di ata nagjel yun team niya sa kanya. Sabagay, di naman lahat nag PBL. hehe Pero magaling siya kaso yun ibang plays niya, parang nagkakalat siya. Sayang naman. They have Elmer, kaso siya lang kasi magaling magdefend. Look at the ADMU, siya na nga magdepensa kay Rabeh, tapos siya na lang pala opensa nila, talo. hehe Llagas? hmmmm siguro pag mahinang team malakas siya, eh pag malakas na team, out of sync. hehe Pero eto ang pinakamagandang advantage nila, offense. They look good as well in their new coach. So in the future, mukhang malakas sila, lalakas. At mukhang walang bebenta. hehehe
Disadvantages? Like in the UST game, or even in the ADMU game, they should do good at their defense. Team defense na lang, wag na si Elmer lahat, naman. Dapat sama sama sila, actually, they have the tools to copy the full court defense of DLSU because of their speed. Kaso, well, di nila ginagawa. hehe Hmmmm si Lee lang ang slasher nila, others, they just wait outside which is not good. Like in the UST game, kung kailan lamang na sila, di na sila sumasalaksak tapos, biglang tira lang ng tira. Ayun hinabol sila. hehehe Shot selection na din and rebounding and another point guard than Lee.
Hmmm after looking the DLSU today, it’s a battle for 4th or well 5th. It depends to DLSU. hehehe
7. University of the Philippines – Oh, they won!!!! hehe Against ADMU pa ha. hehe Well, I was shocked they lost at ADU, why? Panalo na, natalo pa!!! Anak ng tokwa. Hay, sobrang gulo nila. I mean, they do have talent, you can see that. But the system they have, and focus, parang wala. Sayang lang sila Reyes, De Asis, saka si Co. Tapos yun Sison din. Actually, they can be strong in the future pero sana naman, may improvement. Hehehe Malakas sila sa slashing movement, I mean lahat gusto salaksak, kaso, ayun naman sila mahina, shooting saka depensa. Which nagbago sila when they won against ADMU. Point guard din, kailangan umayos sila ha. hehehe Turnovers, they just need to control them. Having 30 a game won’t guarantee you a win! hehe
Well, they just need to focus as a team first then they will get some wins and grow as a team. They have a complete lineup than other teams, even UST, mas kompleto pa nga sila, kaso ayun, they just need to grow, fast.
Dahil sa mga talo nila na hay ewan kung bakit ang lalaki ng talo, it’s between 7 or 8th place. Maglaban kayo ng NU for the 7th place. hahahaha
8. University of the Santo Tomas or the Royal whatever pontifical crap school, the only catholic university as my diploma says which I just realized. hehehe – They are last because alphabetically they are indeed. Hindi dahil alma matter ko siya. hehe
Anyway, before the tourney started, nobody even me, thought na ganito sila kalakas. Ok medyo bias na to. hehe I mean, after Jervy left and Japs and other papogi players eh akalain mo 3-1 na sila. hehe First game against AdU, bad trip talaga si Fortuna, sobrang nagkalat, pero thanks to Mirza, and shot blocking Camus, ayun panalo kami. hehe Tapos NU came, gusto bumawi ni Dylan, ayun, 30 points and it was an easy 30 points. ADMU came and first quarter was good but that’s it. The end. Buenafe got lucky, Monfort, the former milo best stud (di ba Rheg?) hehehe burned us, simply won even without Rabeh and Badet, este Baclao. Pero ok lang, may souvenir naman kami na poster kay Salva. Bwahahahaha However, still gumawa pa rin si Dylan and Mirza. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, sila na dalawa magdadalawa sa min.
That came true when UE game came. Anak ng tokwa, nag jojo duncil yun dalawa, may fake na sila. hehehe Lalo na si Dylan, grabe, like in the ADMU game na kahit si Badet eh di na kaya bantayan eh pano pa kayo yung buong UE? hehe
Si Mirza, silent 20 points. Siya din nagpahabol or at least nagpadikit ng game. hehe
Anyway, cut the crap and make it short. Lamang sila sa scoring, I mean kahit yun Teng sa tingin ko kaya gumawa ng 20. Maliksi, napatunayan niya na, Bautista can burn them as well, or even Fortuna, at nag iimprove na siya every game. hehehe They don’t have a center or big player, pero 6 players ata kaya mag 3 positions tapos yun mga guards, combo guards. So meaning, very versatile ang line up. Ibig sabihin, kahit mahina kami this year, may pondo na next seasons. hehehe Unlike AdMU, I don’t think they will grow stronger in the years to come. Saka si Pido, mukha natauhan niya, iniba niya style niya this year. Pag nagfinal four siya, ok siya. Give credit to him. Well, not those past 2 years. hehehe
Siyempre, mahina sila sa centro, tapos, may depensa eh, kaso di buong game. Which is delikado, nangyari na sa kanila sa AdU and UE. Oh, give credit to Camus, malakas pala maglaro, thanks to Pares retiro. Bwahahahaha. Since mahilig sa opensa saka takbo, marami silang turnovers, so ingat kayo sa DLSU, this Sunday. hehe
Kaso may kumpiyansa ako sa kanila this year. Malaki. hehe
Because of that, 3rd sila. They have a chance sa first 2 spots, kaso champion? Slim and none. hehehe But they have a good future naman.
Good futures? UST, FEU, UE and DLSU
Getting worse in the future? AdU, ADMU, UP and NU.
Ayoko ko na magexplain kasi mahaba na nga, pahahabain ko pa. hehe Dahil lang naman siguro sa line up saka future na din. Like ADMU, after Rabeh and Badet departing, I am not confident with Salva and Chua. or Burke. Siguro parang Kramer pa yan, pero mas mabilis, give them one more year, 2 years max to develop. hehe
I mean next seasons ha, pero depende pa din yan sa mga alumni contributions and recruits. hehehe
That’s all. Sorry if it’s long. Don’t be surprised if I take up NCAA. hehehe
Go USTe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manalo na kayo sa Sunday, kahit talo na ko sa odds. bwahahahaha


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