Yes, yesterday was my fourth month at my new endeavor. Time really flies fast. Hehe What can I say? Ok naman, nandito pa din ako. hehe Marami naman ako natutunan, especially with the business that we have. I just need to stay put and have it on my own in the future. As soon as possible. hehe

Ano pa ba? Di ko na alam. Four months of let’s say normal hard work. I did say normal, because I don’t need to wake up at night and call EMP to drop me at Dell (which well, unfortunately getting disoriented). Pag medyo sinipag ako ng gising at wala naman masyado cases eh pumapasok na ko, two rides of jeep. Hehehe However, I don’t do that anymore. I can just walk for a few blocks and I’m here, at our shop. I want to say “my” kaso di pa eh. Hehehe
Oh, finally!!! I am now reading the Art of War by Sun Tzu. Years in the making. hehe Since there is petiks time, it is a good time to read something inspirational or motivational. They thought it’s about war or strategy, it is indeed, I am telling you, the book of life. I think, it is the second best book I read in my life, well next to the bible.
Anyway, I still keep my fingers crossed that in the next 4 months, well, it is fast for the time, that something will change.. For good. At least.
I don’t know what it is, but deep inside of me, I believe something better happens.
Nobody knows his future unless you do the right things. Right decisions, right options, right?
I don’t think so.
Let’s see that in the coming months..

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