intellectual talk

Aba, kahit yun Ate ko nagbasa ng blog, kaso mukhang yun umpisa lang ata nabasa niya. hehehe Anyway, after a tiring Friday Night, I went to Trinoma to meet William and Raims for a pre birthday celebration of the two persons mentioned. Naks ang aga. hehe

Well, I found them at trinoma and talking about what to give for a “friend”. William’s dilemma. hehehe After 3 hours of talking about it, he decided to just ask the girl what she wants. Kaysa naman, magbigay siya na something sentimental! hehe Gulo lang papasukin niya. Anyway, after some talking, even without ordering at recipes and Coffee bean eh we end up at Mcdo. (Hoy, umorder naman kami in the end. hehe)
We talked about some important things, well relationships, love and life as well. Buti nga daw wala si Ivan. Baka it will end up debating about comics. hehe Peace Ivan!
About their situations naman, ano naman masasabi ko. Talagang magka zodiac sila, Cancer. hehe I was surprised naman on how they view on love, lalo na si William, naku naman, nandiyan na, ayaw pa. hehe Sabagay, di mo naman masisi, kung di mo nga trip, edi wag pansinin. hehe Sabi ko naman sa kanila, try to socialize or meet other interesting people and don’t stop. Di ko nga napoint out eh, what I did is risky, but it’s still rewarding because I ended up friends with them, not all of them, but most of them, really came close to me. Actually, helped me in this ironic life, but in the end, I did have a relationship in the most unexpected way. In their situation naman, nandiyan na, medyo nailang ata. hehe
At least, di ba, sila lumilapit sa kanila. Unlike me, I need to really meet them. And kinda aggressive. Hehe But well, I don’t see any regrets, besides, I still know them until now. Close as well.
I thank them, for being part of my life.
So, we went from Recipes, Coffee bean and Mcdo. I hate Mcdo due to super size me docu. hehe I still order at Mcdo, but very very rare. Sa Mcdo na yun naging masaya ang usapan. Serious yet fun, at 4am we ended up, I don’t know. I am happy because they liked what I done even I ended up, failure. Hehe Fun because they realized that it’s not the end yet, like my accounting professor says, collect and collect then select. hehe I just hope that they will find the right partners, not only for the present…
But forever.
Time to realize again!!!!


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