You may ask what happened to me. Well, many things happened. From suki market, I went to welcome supermart and I believe I’ll stay for a very long time until I get this place. Hehe Oh after the 2cpm reunion which was a very fun filled night. I planned my 26th birthday celebratoin ahead of time, even the funds are not there yet. Hehe However, it went through good, you can see it at the pics. Even I invited almost all the people who touched my life for the past, well 10 years. They did not come due to some commitments or whatever. But that’s fine, at least they greeted me and made me old. Hehe Thanks to all who helped me at that special day, especially to Joanne and Reggie.. To Doc and Chef Igz. Those who came to my birthday, thanks a lot! I really really appreciate it. Especially those who gave some very heart touching gifts. Hehe Will I do it again next year? Hmmmm I don’t think so. Hehe Very tiring and exhausting but worth it. It’s just if only few people will come to the part. I won’t prepare that much. Hehe Lesson learned. But it’s priceless. Event of a lifetime I guess. hehe


Ok. I know I kinda took some shortcut a bit because I’m kinda laste for posting here and especially to my personal blog.. As you see, I gave up my cable internet connection and went to bayan DSL.. At first it was good but at the middle of the week, it went nuts. But when Kuya Allan kinda fixed it, now I’m back.. Sorry for the long delay, especially to the race to 2012 team. I’m so very sorry. Hehe
Let’s go back after the celebration.. Of course, I did not go to the PCD concert.. However, Kaskade, my fave chillout DJ had a concert on June 12! At first, I was thinking of going there and dig. Or have a date with a friend or special friend. Hehe But well, it did not go through due to number 1, I don’t want to go there in glasses, number 2, funds run out. Hehe 3, I tried to invite them but oh well no reply and lastly, someone sent a birthday message, a belated birthday message.
Who’s that girl? You guess it right.. Ex. hehe As usual, she thought that my birthday is June 12, which of course, wrong. Hehe We texted and texted, and discussed new things. Her life now, hmmm what happened to her. Some past questions. Haha But there is one thing for sure, one truth that left me stunned. All the things I want to say to her were unreached. So good thing I did not go there or else, I won’t be here alive.. Hahaha
Like I said to my other friend, I’m happy because I was able to talk to her. I’m sad as well because of what happened to her, until now. There will be no comeback. Please, don’t expect something to happen again. hehe Let’s move on. Why? Not a good time. Besides, I have no intention to do it because we are now in different paths. It will complicate things again.. Unless, there will be a miracle.. Hehe I’ll just find others first..
Well, you may ask what we talked about. I’ll try to post some other time. To be continued. Hehe
My schedule got changed, it’s good because I don’t need to wake up at 6:30am. Hehe However, I can’t rest after shop hours because well at night, I am always bothered by Algerro and my uncle who got stroke. Waaaah! After a long day of hard work, you come home for more work.. Good job! Hehe I think I’ll be crazy in these coming days. On top of that, there are so many people at that house.. One day, like I dream for, I’ll be in a house with my family. I mean, well Algerro is but other than that. No way. hehe My family, like me, my wife and 2 kids will be fine. hehe Anyway, that’s my life now.
About my shop, it’s not that stron yet but I still believe it’s potential. It’s gaining some market share. Hehe Don Dennis gave me some great tips in business. My short term goal now is to own the shop and make it stable. I hope I can reach that goal at least 1 year. Hehe
For now I haven’t done a routine for me because of the troubles. Hehe But I know, someday I will have a routine so I can post every single day! Exercise as well. hehe
Damn, I have no date for Transformers 2! Yet. hehe I hope I’ll have one on or before Saturday. Hehe
This is the first time that this post will also appear at my personal blog. For short, I’m kinda lazy. Haha I’m very very late.
I guess I missed blogging that much.
I want to thank William for the help he gave to Kuya Alpro. Hehe I want to thank Ivan and Iyen for the photos. I want to thank all the people I met in this life. Too many to mention. hehe To my family, brothers, friends, special friends. hahaha I want to thank God..
For giving me 26 years of life. A life of full of ups and downs. Happiness and sadness. Love. Hatred. Hope. Faith..
Even it has been very hard for me, I am still grateful to have this weird life. I just hope that one day, everything will be normal. If that happens, I’ll be having a party.. hehe I wish a better life for all of us.
A quiet, simple and rich life.
Sorry for a long one.
That’s all for today.


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