2nd month

Akalain mo, dalawang buwan na ko sa shop! Ang bilis ng panahon. Hehe I gonna love this. Anyway, I hope my internet is up and running which is it is. hehe My mafia sa mafia wars, well mababa level pero madaming pera. Yung isa diyan level 62 na counting! Ang secret? Addiction. hehe Bago pumasok ng work, check muna at paguwi, ayun level up ng level up. Magtrabaho ka naman. hehe

For the past 2 months, I am getting my “normal” life back. I am meeting my best and good friends. I get to see my family often, unlike before that I only see them at night and they already sleeping. Hehe Even I am working at extended hours, it doesn’t mean I am working all the time, pawalang customer edi petiks, yun nga lang, pati kita petiks din, maliit. Kagaya last week. Hehe Peste naman, but that’s fine, part of the business cycle.
Oh same problems but well, I’ll pay them later. Hehe I also feel the challenge I’m looking for. This will improve me a lot and I hope I’ll survive. Pag nandito pa ko ng isang taon, malaya ko na magagawa ang gusto ko. Malay mo saan ako mapunta. Hehe
For the 2 months I’m working at the shop, managing it, well damn bloody hard. Lalo na ngayon, kahit 3 shop na magkakalapit, mahirap magpatakbo. Peste. Hehe
I thought if it’s hard to run 3 to 4 shops, how about a corporation? Well, I won’t think it by now, but maybe I start with this stage. Small and more interactive to the market.
At these times, I encountered the best, worst, dumb customers. Naku, kala ko sa US lang ang kuripot, pati pala dito sa atin. Hehe Lalo na yun customer kanina, gusto ba naman ibalik yun text 150 ng sun kasi di daw yun binili niya nun Sunday!? Talagang nanginit yun ulo ko? Magtataka ka nga na nagiging ganun ako, pero compose pa rin. Customer yun eh, however, jerkweed. It’s his fault that he did not check what he bought. Ok lang kung nung sunday niya binalikan, kaso anong petsa niya!!! Kapal, nanakot pa, edi fine, go find another supplier. It’s his loss.
Not mine. Not ours I believe. hehe
Anyway, 10 months to go and I hope I can reach that one year. That time, we have a new president. Don’t ask who I will vote. hehe That time, money problems, will disappear at least. That time, I am in shape like my Kuya Al. Not that buff I guess. hehe
That time, peaceful life within my family, which I guess I am day dreaming. hehe That time, my friends are all here, successful and doing what they like.
That time, I have many business ventures to really attain what I am going for, my fave quote from Art of War. You know what it is.
That time, love? I don’t know, maybe I found one, maybe a different lady. Or maybe…
Why am I talking again about her? Like I said, I really tried to forget it, but at this time of the year, it keeps coming back. Memories. Especially next month.
10 months. What will I post at that time?
Is it happiness? Sadness? Confused? Weird thoughts, let’s say did I reach something?
I will bookmark this post and let’s see what will happen, same day. Same time I guess if I can still remember.
That’s all for tonight, I will open again 3 shops at the same time. However, that’s fine, come what destiny gives me.
Whatever it is.
But, I need to defy it sometimes, I won’t let fate destroy it again…


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