realizations (part 3)

If Ivan realized so many things, I continue to realize some things as well.

34. Happy Mother’s day. hehe I love my mom. That’s all.
35. As we all know, I rarely get mad, however, there are times, that I can really get angry. One is when I am playing a game in the computer, do not disturb me. hehe I get angry. Another thing, pag pagod ako at may nangungulit sa kin, naku, tumataas ang boses ko, meaning bad trip na ko. Mga peste. hehe
36. Hmmmm, I am very sentimental person, I still keep the letters, whatever thing that reminds me of something. Especially the events that changed me.
37. My favorite song from New Order is not Leave Me Alone, it’s Age of Consent.
38. I really fell in love to a song of Norah Jones, Come away with me.
39. Di ako marunong magluto, saing lang. Di rin ako marunong magdrive, or kahit magbisikleta. hehe Natrauma kasi ako sa bisikleta.
40. Hay, marami ako di alam. hehe Pero marami akong alam na dark secrets. hehe Di ko nga alam bakit ko nalalaman yun.
41. Life is ironic, tiring, hopeful, whatever, too long to describe about life. However, as long there is hope in every moment, a chance to repent or change, life is the best thing here on earth.
42. If life is the best thing on earth because of friends, family and events that really made my life meaningful. Love gave me another life. When it will that be?
43. Naku, sobrang, ungas ko minsan. Sometimes, I do things the hard way which it should be easy. I don’t ask kasi. hehe
44. I should ask sometimes to do things right.
45. That blogging keeps me away from stress. What a stress reliever. hehe It’s my mirror to myself, I feel true to myself.
46. Someone told me, I have very nice eyes. I miss that person.
That’s all for now. More realizations to come!!!! Later I guess.

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