Well, I will do that post later. hehe However, eto walang bentang unit. Siguro, I will just post the pics of the shop later because of some minor changes. hehe Let’s say a branch will rise!!!!

So, grabe na ang facebook ko because of the friends I added. Talagang sibak ang multiply, pero siyempre, I will keep it naman. Besides, di ko nakikita yun ibang tao na gusto ko makita. hehe
However, life? Still the same. Crap here and over there. Anywhere!!! hehe I just pray, pray that one day, all will end, in a better way. God knows.
By the way, about the branch, it’s final pero siyempre, aayusin muna ang pwesto. Sana lang magsurvive and after that, success na siyempre. I don’t know how I can keep up but it’s better to do this than to do it later.
Friday is coming and liars, este mga lawyers pala magpapalibre sa bahay ng dakilang indot na si Al. hehe Some already confirmed coming at the mini reunion, who else will come?
Hmmmmm. Ah what happened last week? After Tuesday, of course Wednesday and it was a hectic week, tapos eto na, Friday.
Santisima, ako pinagbantay ng main branch at ayun, it was total chaos. I can’t imagine managing that shop for years, but oh well, it’s possible, nagawa nga ni Ate Jen eh. hehe Birthday naman kasi ni Prong. Ayun, siyempre, do I have a choice?
Sobrang wasak ako ng Friday, kasi di ako makaalis sa pwesto, dami pang customer then at the same time, bad trip pa sa report. Waaaaah…. It was a hell of a day. Good thing, it was over.
Then the reunion sana came at MOA, which 3 lang naman pumunta, Me, Joanne and 2pel!! Galing, kasi yun iba, di daw pwede, yun isa, wala siya kasama maghintay until 8pm. (Sayang, ah no clue kung sino yun. hehe ) So I still went there and they told me, manonood kami ng Fast and Furious.
Ok naman, better than T2 or Dragonball. hehe I mean, yun trip ha, not the movie itself, but it’s better than Dragonball. hehe Kahit di ko pa napapanood yun Dragonball, I can sense, that I can just wait na lang sa hidalgo. hehe
So, movie started at 9:40pm. Movie itself? It was indeed Fast and Furious. Fast because the movie ended around 11pm, Furious? fast paced, action packed lame script yet good cars!!!
After that movie watching, we went at the bayside, then eto, 2 bottles, talagang 2 bottles ha. 2pel gave an interesting debate about life and love which I cannot discuss here. Then here is the Varsi Editor who won’t lose in a debate. hehe Anyway, it was a really serious and fun conversation and I hope 2pel was a bit enlighten (tama ba spelling?) hehe
We ended up 2 bottles of whapak!! Strong ice for short and at 3am. I slept at 4am, woke at 6am, a bit groggy, opened the shop, sold some units then comes Sunday!!!
Nothing new until facebook fixing, scanning and of course, looking someone’s profile. Great life. hehe
I texted Dennis, one of my best friends in college and he read my story. Siyempre, nagulat. Pero sabi ko naman, di ko kaya yun situation at that time.
He asked one question, in tagalog. hehe Ngayon ba, wala na talaga pagasa magkabalikan kayo? ang sagot ko, wala. Wala naman talaga. Depende but for now, Nah. I need to survive first. Or well, it depends from her. hehe
Anyway, sabi ko naman, idol kita kasi lahat ng sinabi niya about relationship, not all of them, but most of them.
Surely right.
Tama na to, bukas naman, I miss these moments. Typing a blog while doing CRA, EXG, MWD, MCR. hahaha Di alam ng mga team mate ko and TL ko, sorry wala na ko sa Dell. hehe
Good night Alfred.
Damn Facebook, so slow at chrome. hehe
Sinadya ko talaga na ito ang title, kahit wala naman kinalaman sa Singapore. There is a reason, but I will just post that later.
Kinda weird reason.


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