realizations (part 2)

Anong akala niyo? hehe Di pa tapos. Happy Easter!!!! Twice the fun today. Eto pa ang mga realizations sa buhay ko. Random thoughts and in order as well. This is what happens when you’re getting older.

17. Bakit ako laging pinagsasabihin ng sekreto eh ano naman gagawin ko sa kanila? hehe
18. Jesus is my savior and my shepherd.
19. Marami akong kaibigan, of course, my brothers, then yun other “friends” ko, tapos some parts in the RP, hehe tapos long time friends. hehe I beg to disagree that in life, isa lang ang bestfriend, pero bakit ako, parang marami. hehe Di naman lahat bestfriend ko, pero some of them, worth for keeps.
20. When I’m down, I still have the letters nung retreat at HS and College and siyempre, other letters. I read them all over again. hehe
21. I want to go back at Sagada, badly.
22. My favorite band is Joy Division then second, New Order. hehe
23. Hmmmmm, noong napanood ko si Victor Basa kagabi, kaya pala sila magpinsan. hehe Di ako nababadet ha!!!
24. Ayun, minsan nababad trip ako pag inaasar akong gummybear or badet, kasi hindi naman totoo. hehe
25. I like basketball, billiards, and other sports, pero geek lang. Not playing them. hehe Billiards siyempre naglalaro ako, may kalaro eh. hehe
26. One of my best friends asked me in one of our debates about relationships and love, “Kaya mo bang pagpalit ang mom for a girl?” My answer, di ko pa rin sinasagot until today.
27. Ang pinaka malakas mangasar sa kin, ay si Rheg until now. hehe Hayop ka ungas!!! Pero parang twice lang ako nabad trip sa kanya, ganyan siya kaclose sa kin.
28. When she came, she taught me what is love. The real love. Because of that, sa buhay ko, dalawa lang talaga minahal kung girl. Naks!! Besides my mom of course.
29. Gusto ko sa isang bahay na kaunti lang ang tao, wag sa bahay na mahina ang sampung tao. hehe
30. Why? The reason is I want to be in a quiet place. To be alone. Not loner, but with my own family siguro saka si Gerro. hehe
31. I realized, dami pala akong bawal kainin. Thanks to that hyperventilation incident. hehe
32. The song The Art of Letting Go by Mikaila explains everything. hehe
33. Two is better than Every First Second. Proof? I replay the song many times before I go forward.
Till next time…

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