Siyempre, nanood ako ng film ni Nora Aunor pinalabas sa channel 2. I understand now why it’s really great, a great filipino film. hehe Akalain mo si Nora lang ang sikat tapos mga theater actors na lang kasama niya. Not only that, Marcos allowed that. Good job! Bernal really one of the best directors, pero sorry, for me, the best pa rin si Mike De Leon. hehe The film itself, bagay talaga sa pilipinas, the theme itself, the events, pinoy na pinoy. Nora? Ayun, best actress.. 3rd best pinoy film yun Himala.

Of course, alam niyo naman ang number 1, hehe
Before that I was able to watch yun pilgrim sa Europe. Parang nainggit me, sana makapunta dun, pero I know, that sometime, I can spend and reflect in a place that so solemn, peaceful and serene. With somebody of course, hehe pero siyempre, discover what really faith is. Not to discover Jesus, or God but how our faith grown. And maintained as well. Parang kulang lang ata ako sa recollection. hehe I just thought, Jesus really had a hard time, taking a very huge responsibility to save us all. Naisip ko, na mas buenas yun kalagayan ko, kaysa kay Jesus. Kailangan ko lang ng matinding relationship with him and continue to just rely to him all the time. Bahala na siya sa kin. hehe God of course and the Holy Spirit.
Later, I will do some writings or planning. Nakatulog talaga ko and I am well rested. I am going to spend my final 2 days, hmmmmm I don’t know yet. Pero pahinga na lang ulit. Di ko sure kung manonood ako ng Dragonball bukas. hehe By the way, mukhang kawawa na ang multiply, marami na ko nagagawa sa Facebook, like music, blogs and some surprises. hehe Sa facebook, may mga taong, di ko inakalang makikita ko. hahaha
Life is a very long winding road.
Life is ironic.
Life is kinda frustrating.
However, life is full of wonders, happiness and joy. Life has many things to discover. Life also is full of the best thing it has. Love…
When will that time come?


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