maunday huwebes

I read my previous post about this day, last year of course, it is still in my blog. hehe Good thing, oh well, parang di ako nagholy week, nakainom pa ko. hahaha Anyway, many things changed after one year, but not all of them. Some things need to be changed, some of them do not.

I read my previous post and I am kinda happy, funny coz it really came from my heart. I know it’s sinking in, but I felt free of some sorts.
What will I do in this day? Hmmmm reflect, which I always do everyday. And change of plans, not all of them but yun ibang plano ko, since I got away from Dell unexpectedly, early.
Ivan is kinda problematic, and he’s right, monotonous life is kinda boring and sometimes will give you some headache. Mahirap kaya na ganun na lang lagi, masama pa kung nagiging bad trip na buhay mo.
Don’t worry pare, maiiba din ang buhay mo. hehe
May silbi pala kahit papano si RJ, ayun, he is playing norah jones songs now, madownload nga. hehe
When I woke this morning, everything on the road, is really quiet. And I realized, ganun ang gusto kong mood. Not the noisy background (kahit ang band na trip ko eh RATM) pero in a normal life setting, gusto ko na tahimik. hehe
Anyway, last night, a bit memorable in somewhat. And another freaking bet came in, peste ka talaga bro Rheg. hehe
Oh well, being optimistic, mukhang matatalo ako. hehehe
Kahit bigyan niya ko ng motivational words. Anak ng tokwa, hay papano ba.
I read something today, as we all know, Jesus washed the feet of all his disciples. Kaya ko kaya yun? Mukhang hindi, pero yun contributor sa didache nakaya niya, I mean, the whole family. Sino ba naman di maiiyak dun. hehe
Pero sana ako, ganun din, washing the feet is washing all not only the sins but also washing away all the bad things happened, to forgive as well and to repent.
That’s all for this bright and silent morning, I’ll just continue to download some songs from Norah.
It soothes me I guess. hehe


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