change of pace

Yes, this is the second week and mukhang di ko pa inaayos ang kinita ko. hehe Everybody I think is leaving Multiply. Like me. hehe But, I won’t leave Multiply kasi naman, madali magload and everything on it, sayang naman kung isasara ko na, like friendster. So I will keep it, besides, I discovered kung pano magpost dito sa facebook then copy agad sa blogger site ko. I will try it at this post.

Oo nga pala, congrats kay JP, Leonid and Indot Al sa pagiging Atty.!! Ayus to!! hehe

Nagulat naman ako kay William, medyo formal siya sa raceto2012, at ewan ko. Di ko alam ang isasagot. hehe Dapat siguro, I will post a question instead, sabagay, wala naman bago sa lovelife.

Siguro nga, kailangan ng spice or like V says, chaos in life.

Di naman another problem to go through, but just have some spice. hehe Siguro, kinda bored na din. Pero buti nga Holy Week na. Not only I can rest fully, think some things.

Siyempre, while waiting for some customers, naisip ko na din, ano ba ang gusto ko sa life, short term and long term.

I can say that I did not waste my time sa almost 5 years of working here and there.

Some decisions na di ko ginawa.

Some events happened na di ko inexpect.

Some realizations that came to my mind (I will post that later).

Ano ba bago? Hmmm hay naku, may mga sekreto na naman ako nalaman na siyempre ako lang nakakaalam.

I don’t know how long I can keep it. Pero mukhang matagal, some of them, still undiscovered. hehe

Oo nga pala, please visit, My friend created it, and I hope kahit papano may progress. Of course, etong facebook, kaya ako ayoko iayos pa kasi it reminds me yun Delta. Pero siyempre, some setting ups and understanding, mukhang matiyaga ko to, besides, mas mabilis dumami ang friends dito. However, I will keep my multiply account, kasi naman, sayang naman kung di ko na itutuloy. Saka marami na ko nalagay, mahirap naman itapon. hehe

Anyway, I need to do some stuff now and I will continue this later.

If somebody doesn’t want to repent. I will… hehe


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