eload and call cards

It’s not a title of an album. hehe Of course, yun lang ang sinasabi ko everyday, almost every minute just to get the attention sa mga commuters. Oh well, a typical day. hehe Of course, life is kinda hard yet fulfilling. Perhaps, you start the day at the shop receiving a message from someone, someone that’s kinda past. 

Oh well, I just replied back and give the info that the person needs. After that, siyempre, call some customers, parang sa outbound sales, please buy this and that. Then if somebody bought something, dun papasok ang upselling (which rarely works. hehehe)
I just look ahead and call another one. Then until 7pm, check my report, oh crap, I missed. How in the world I will earn? 
Back in my head, I realized, maybe, this is better than going to work, if worse, at this exact time, I will take a bath and take a ride to work. So, I will just stay this way, the normal way. 
Ok, cut the freaking crap. hehe
Ano nga ba. Hmmmmm. Wala naman bago, medyo adjust pa rin because I want to jog at the morning, kaso itong Ivan, gusto sa Uste pa. Wow. For what? hehe 
Oh, siyempre, may mga interesting sights sa shop. Hehehe Alam na ni Rheg yun. hahahaha
Don’t worry bro, it’s in the good hands. 
Ano pa? Wala naman ako balita sa mga brothers ko. But I am nothing to say as well. Sa other blog, anak ng tokwa si William, parang coming out ha. At least, di badet at di naging gummybear. hehehe
Now, I just feel, getting there. I mean, how I start my day, what will I need to do, you know… I just realized, why I need to go sa mahabang route and still ending up here. Maybe, it’s a path. God’s path I guess. Or maybe the stupid fate. However…
I don’t regret taking the long way and going back here. 
Besides, it was a joyride back then. 
I just hope, it will be fine and ok.
Maybe, since ginagamit ko ang paragraph format, I will try this format, for a change. Like William said, “change of pace…”


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