2nd and 3rd day

After a very short first day of working sa shop. Here came 2nd and 3rd day. Ayun, medyo nanghuhula pa sa price. May nabenta nga me china phone, sobrang baba than the expected price, pero binili pa rin. Nadala sa de-escalating kung baga. hehe Anak ng tokwa, all the principles in Business management applies everyday. From planning on how much I need to sell, to organizing our inventory, leading my two men shop, me and my technician. hehe And lastly, controlling, siyempre, kailangan makita din kung may progress.

I compare this to my previous jobs? I can feel, this is way better than going at work at night. I know, it’s more pressured because I need to make sales for my own pay. hehe Pero I know, and I can feel, it’s just normal. You will see more “normal” words later. hehe Ano pa nga ba. Pero nakakamiss din yun mga internet access sa office. hahaha Unlike this, kailangan ko umuwi to use my internet access. Pero ok lang, para magamit naman yun cable internet. Anyway, yun nga lang, walang VL. hehe
Bad trip. Oh well, better like this than never. Nakakagulat pala nung day before I left. Wala na ang Dell Pasay. At buti na lang, di ako nakalipat sa Dell Pasay dati due to the ANZ queue. hehe Grabe, nakakagulat talaga, because they only done that Thursday morning, at kundi malas, naging outsource pa sila. hehehe That was close. Alam niyo naman, ayoko ko na sa outsource. hehe Of course, it was a great shock in Dell QC. Besides, we were worried because we may be next. Pero dahil sa stats namin, we were saved. I hope, na Dell QC will stay the same. Ayoko mapunta sa kung sinong sino outsource diyan. hehe
However, that’s life. Nothing changed. Maybe, a bit. In a day setting. Yeah, I just post at our freaking race at raceto2012.blogspot.com/. Sobrang tagalog ako sa letcheng blog. hehe Oh well, I don’t know what’s next, I just hope for the better.
Oo nga pala, go Cleveland for the NBA Best record this season! Kawawa naman ang Lakers. Champion na si Lebron. hehe
What else, eto, I will get a normal rest.
Normal word, again.


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