In Japanese, not the word itself, but usually what a Japanese employee do, is to present a letter with the words “resign” or whatever. You can see that in Japanese movies or j-drama. Folded white paper with those black characters. I like that kind of style. However, of course, it is not applied here. hehe

This was the exact date, way back 4 years ago starting to work in a call center. Wayback before, I chose this job because it is very hard to find a day job with a fulfilling or great pay. However, my options run out (which happened before I got to Dell as well) hehe, I joined Parlance (or Ventus ePLDT today). I thought that I am very fortunate to work with ePLDT until one and a half years later, I realized, I joined a very stiff company. hehe I missed my job there as a eCare specialist, answering customer care questions through email, meaning I have a day job and normal life. However, of course, due to budget constrains, I need to have a high pay. Of course, ePLDT won’t do that.
I ended up going to the world’s local bank, HSBC. HDPP for their BPO ops. September of 2006, I started working there, then I thought I will stay here for a long time. However, due to some stupid process in their end and some difficult loss in my family. I left them with a distressed feeling. Crappy feeling. hehe
After 3 months, of searching at least a regular day job which it did not happen until now, I found a company that almost solved all my problems. No kidding, it did, it is Well at Dell…
I know it was just a short stint, 14 months of memories of hardwork and fun, and I never thought I will be leaving this early. I will be leaving because of some new opportunity given to me by Kuya Alpro. Even it is not as big I get in Dell, at least, this is a business opportunity to at least keep one of his shops working properly. hehe I will take that risk. And I will do my best to get most of it and lastly, to earn on my own pace.
Anyway, I will definitely miss a lot of things in Dell. From the first day of onboarding till the last minute of my KANA email, I really cherished every moment here. There were bad times, oh not these times, but there was a time that I thought I will not make it, made it. There were good times, with the awards I got, the bonuses I received and especially the great support I have. Luckily, I got used of being laidback in work, even with many cases at hand, I can still breathe. hehe Teams that I joined, the trainers, urban chef, HR, and most importantly, the computer that I also stare at it. The benefits, payroll, the process (which is sometimes it’s hard to explain to our customers. hehe) and the whole, the Dell QC site.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people I worked with. From the great TM Joanna and Coach Noel tandem, then to TM Batman and Robin, este (TM Mark and Coach Ron pala) hehe and lastly, to my very very kind TM Jun (she will be having a baby! Congrats TM) and coaches Joan and the very patient Grace. I am sorry as well for sometimes, shortcomings, and stupidity. hehe However, I owe a lot from you and I will use what I learned from all of you. The leadership qualities you shown on how to lead a team effectively and efficiently. I can say that because of the previous ranking of my teams. hehe 
I want to thank as well, especially to my former team mates, from team love a lot bear, secret bear and cozy heart (yes, all our teams are named after care bears!) hehe You know who you are and even I am quiet most of the time, I really enjoyed your company and working relationship.
Letche, tagalog na nga. hehe Basta, maraming salamat sa Dell, sobrang salamat at sana nga, sa Dell na yun first and last company na I worked with. Kung ganun, parang marami kong ipon siguro. hehehe Salamat sa mga TM ko, na sobrang supportive at naku, kung alam niyo, nahihiya talaga ko sa mga request ko and stats ko, pero buti naman I can say I helped your teams. hehe Sa mga coaches ko, na baka nakulitan na kayo ha. Sencia na. hehe Nakulitan sa kakatanong ko especially nung naging tier 2 ako. Thanks talaga a lot!
Sa mga kateam ko dati and hanggang sa huli, thank din sa kasiyahan na binigay niyo. Kahit tahimik ako, natutuwa pa ko, lalo na sa mga asaran saka mga banat ha. hehe Of course, mga team building, na di ko makakalimutan. Sa dami ng team building, di ko makakalimot ito.  Sa mga ka batch ko nung pumasok sa Dell, wag muna kayo umalis ha. 8 or 9 na lang kayo sa batch. hahaha Salamat kayo at nagtagal tayo kahit halos lahat nag tier 2 na. hehe Alam niyo naman san ako makikita, dito na lang sa blog or multiply. Lalo na sina Mamu, naku po, diyan lang kayo ha, kaya niyo na yan, kailangan niyo lang ng gamot. ahahaha Oh nakalimutan ko, yung internet connection sa office, it really helps lalo na sa stress moments. hehe 
Well, I won’t keep it secret why I am leaving a good company from Dell. Simply, as you read in my previous blogs, if you did, between the lines, magbabantay ako ng shop ni Kuya. Yun offer niya kasi, maganda naman, kahit di malaki, kunin ko na lang, at least normal na buhay. Back to zero din. hehe Pero ok lang to, yun na lang pinapangarap ko sa buhay. Kahit di naman sigurado na mapapatagal ko pa yun shop, pero tingin ko, mapapatagal ko to. hehe Daan na lang kayo sa Suki Market in QC. Kaso wala naman ata malapit na kilala ko diyan na taga Mayon. hehe
I run out of words describing my working experience at Dell, like I said in my letter, I am forever grateful to Dell. Marami talaga siya natulong sa kin and I hope I can use it in other way. I hope I can still keep in touch to my former colleagues there.
You won’t believe that it was a hard pill to swallow this kind of decision, kasi napaaga ang plan ko pagalis. I know aalis me ng Dell for some reason but not this early, lalo na maganda na stats ko sa SMB. hehe Pero sometimes, you have decisions that you need to think not only deeply but fast as well. Di ko naman regret na napaaga ang resign, pero dream ko naman kasi na to work at least in the morning. Medyo nagkakasakit na kasi ako saka gusto ko na din ng normal na buhay. Sayang lang talaga. I can say na talagang masaya ako sa pagstay and work at Dell.
I will always go back here at remember anything that made my stay worthwhile. I am very well at Dell!!!!
Badge number 706954, logging out.  
Farewell to Dell QC. Goodbye to corporate ladder I guess.
Wala pala ako pahinga after this. Sunday lang. hehe


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