before the last step

Yes, there will be a time, something will end, something will start for a new beginning. I don’t know what will happen to me, but I know, this time, I will do my best to make it right. I got late today, peste kasi, talagang taghirap. hehe Nakita ko na yun sweldo ko, at ok naman, yun expenses lang ang hindi. Bad trip. hehe Ano pa ba. Oh, somebody has a multiply account already, fresh from Camiguin. Mukhang masayang masaya siya sa trip at maganda talaga ang Camiguin. Kung nagkataon pala, if my plans go through from past week, three is a party. Definitely. One from the past and one from the present. Nice meeting. hehe

Anyway, that was changed since it did not go through and falls apart. But that’s fine. Let’s move on.

Wala pa ko plans for weekend, but definitely, I will do one thing, get some regular rest. If I can visit or do something happily productivity to some friends, that will better as well. The raceto2012 blog is heating up, what will Ivan says about his status. Kung ako sa kanila, sabihin na nila ang dapat sabihin or nararamdaman nila. hehe Kung punching bag yun blog na yun, lamog na siguro sa mura. hahaha Lalo na si Raims. Anyway, english pa yun script nila ha. Parang maarte sa simula, pero di magtatagal, magtatagalog din sila. Mahirap kaya yun, I tried that last year!

Speaking of last year, I was able to reach one year of blogging! Happy Anniv dude. hahahaha Kahit I miss many days, however, I was able to post many topics I can. I will try to read them again, just for reminiscing. hehe I can say that I am proud of having this blog. I can say whatever things I want. I was able to control my feelings, even I know I should write it here. That’s not censorship, it’s just responsiblity to the other people might get involved. Like I said before, I hate keeping dark secrets. hehe

Peste talaga. hehe But with my blog, I was able to see myself, my true self. Kinda confusing but it really refreshing to see yourself in a different way. In a way that I knowing myself better. I am way far of achieving anything in this blog. Maybe, just a place to be myself, just be alone. If there is someone reading this, fine! If there is someone leaves a comment, great! Want to leave a rant or any comment? Great.

That’s why, in the future, even if I have a family, maybe I will continue posting here or even when I got old.

What is my goal in this blog? To have a copy of my very very long tiring and fulfilling journey.

It will take many steps to get there..

And another journey will starts very soon..

Who wants to come with me? hehe


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