Movie Marathon 2

Of course, pagkatapos manood ng Wanted, natulog and tried to watch other tv programs. hehe Monday came and dapat, di na ko manonood, but it changed my mind when lunch came, panoorin ko na yun ibang DVD na binili ko. The next one I watched was Taken. Ipapalabas pa lang siya later sa mga sinehan. hehe Of course, the one I got is European version, the only difference was yun Taken was released in Europe last year pa, so yun mga credits are French. Definitely, the dialogue is English, so there should no problem with that. hehe

Taken is about a dad who allowed her daughter to go at Paris for a trip. Siyempre, ang Dad eh medyo strict due to his past work. His past work, is not detailed, pero mukhang black ops or former agent, like CIA or NHS, pero he is deadly ha. Bago yun trip, nagbody guard siya ng singer for a night. hehe While his ex-wife, not worrying so much about the trip because it’s France, allowed her daughter. By the way, the daughter need to have a sort of letter of consent signed by her Dad for the trip. Liam Neeson stars by the way as the dad. So siyempre, nagsinungaling yun daughter in some ways, like they went to Paris to watch U2. Good job!! hehe Sana ako din. hehe

Dalawa lang sila ng friend niya went to Paris then they met someone at the airport, a dude who is cool kuno. Then after that, yun daughter and her friend, went home, tawag siyempre si Dad, worry sa only daughter. While talking, yun friend biglang kinidnap, tapos natakot siyempre yun daughter. Dad gave instructions to the daughter, including she will be taken by the kidnapers. hehe That scene alone was really sad especially when Liam already speaking to the kidnapers, begging to just give his daughter back or they will end up dead. After that scene, Liam’s character started to move and discovered that her daughter was caught by an organization who is into human smuggling, persons ending up as prostitutes, meaning, kawawa ang daughter niya pag wala siya ginawa.

Nagstart siya from the place of kidnapping, then the airport, then different people na kinausap niya, pero mas marami yun pinatay niya sa mga dumukot sa anak niya. hahaha The ending? Well, nakuha ng isang mayaman arabo yun anak niya then tinodas ni Liam. hehe Gusto umareglo pero parang killing machine talaga si Liam.

The whole movie was really good, may dull moments pero sulit kasi magaling si Liam Neeson. Yun mga moves niya parang bata siya, compare to Bourne, parang siya si Bourne na retired na. hehe Of course, walang amnesia. Pero sa Taken, may torture method siya ha, I believe Bourne, walang siyang torture method na alam pero siyempre, di na kailangan kasi killing machine naman siya eh. hehe

Taken is a must see, parang Wanted ang feeling. Taken was produced by Luc Besson, the dude who like’s assasin or espionage at his own writing. However, the next film I watched, is my fave Luc Besson, I thought it was Fifth Element, but the next movie, it is a classic.

He is the Professional.


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