blue screen of death!

bad trip, I am typing an important event here then that blue screen of death showed up. Bad trip, di ko pa nasave. hehe Well, I will just post that tomorrow. Wala naman ako ginawa last night, or Saturday, medyo tinamad ako. hehe Natulog ako ah, before that, naglaro ako sa PS2 ng KOF with a broken controller. Then natulog nako na natulog. After that, I woke up early today, then do the usual stuff. Watched how Suns torched the Blazers, also how the Hitman won today, na no match with the Magic Man. Ewan ko kung bakit Magic Man tawag sa kanya, wala nagawa yun magic niya to win the fight. hahaha


Medyo naging busy lang ako with that post talaga kasi it contains why I got sick and being careful with my health these days. Naku, pano ako magiingat sa Xmas! hehe I was able to talk with some friends and ayun my friends ko na girls waiting for Twilight. It got poor reviews, but mukhang kumikita. hehe For me? Pang date, manonood ako, pero as a movie fan, nope, sa trailer pa lang, mukhang pop candy movie siya. Teen movie. hehe I don’t want to spend so much on that. Anyway, ayun dapat pupunta ako kay Dad, pero parang inatake ako ng katamaran. hehe 
Oo nga pala, I was able to watch the trailers of Harry Potter which I think more action and darker that the previous one then nanood ako ng Star Trek as well, mukhang sobrang action naman at parang di siya prequel ha. hehe Well you can’t avoid doing films that should be a prequel with a better equipments, parang minsan naisip ko, bakit di na nila iremake lahat, one example? Star Wars. hehe 
So, what else. I don’t know, parang wala na ko masabi. Bwisit talaga, pagkatapos ko magtype at magisip na sasabihin ko kanina, tinamad na ko isulat ulit.
But tomorrow, I will.. hehe 


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