blue monday

Of course, this was one of the best New Order songss but not in my top 5. hehe Anyway, I thought I was going to finish the Air 21 vs. Ginebra game last night, but I feel asleep. I just read that Air 21 still lost even Ginebra has a very depleted line up. hehe What a stupid team. Good thing, my Realtors won big time yesterday. Well I turned off the TV after I fell asleep and slept again. I woke up around 6am and fixing, cleaning some things, read some books and papers, the usual thing. I went out to print some lists and done some errands for Mom. 

Pagkatapos nun, nakapanood pa ko ng pre season game ng NBA, sayang, may panalo yun Sacramento, kaso kinapos. hehe After that, I took a cold bath and woke up at 9pm and I am here. I thought my system will become the dreaded Vista but mukhang I have one day to keep using XP pro. The most stable XP version for me. hehe I believe this coming week will be a boring one, except if my action plan will be over. That will make me happy for a while. And of course, payday and team building this coming weekend. hehe But I still feel bored, I don’t know why, maybe of the past events, like last year. Those images coming up out of nowhere. Love, hate, struggle, joy and other feelings, I am kinda stupid I guess. hehe
Well, I guess, it’s just a matter of time of moving forward each moment of my life. Looking back to those times won’t help me a lot. Oh, this week, I am not sure if Jack will be giving birth, but I know she will be just ok. Hay, ano pa ba. Siguro wala na, simpleng araw lang kasi kahapon, wala naman bago. That’s all I can say. I just hope for the very best in this life. Oh, if I have time this week, I will be watching Max Payne, even I really did not play the video game version, but let’s see if this adaption is good. 
By the way, try the name blackswordsmann search in google, it will show something duplicate… hehe


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