the first blog in the book 2

well, I thought of nothing.. hehe out of nowhere.. it was a busy yesterday.. I was able to get a new deck.. get ready.. just give me a week to learn it.. and I will annihilate my opponent.. hehe what else.. hmm I was able to watch the delayed telecast of Game 7 of Bos and Cle… Lebron James is sick, scored 45 points in a highly contest game!! even Paul Pierce, got a very good game at the right time, with 41 points!!! however, good plays at the end gave Bos an edge.. I really feel sorry for Cle, I can’t blame Lebron James to took bad plays at the end but he has no body to lean on.. it’s just unlucky.. congrats to Bos, but I believe, they will lose to Det.. hehe about the Lakers vs. Jazz.. that’s fine, Jazz has a bright future, like the Lakers.. hehe how about the NO vs. SA later? hmmmm.. I believe that NO will win later, but if that happens, they won’t win against the Lakers.. however, they have the brightest future ahead because of the development of the players they have.. they only need some good bench players.. good job!!! I created a new blog because the list is getting long for the first one.. and when I consolidate this to my multiply account, it doesn’t make short.. sort of thing.. so I am going to test this..

what else.. oh, good luck to Asher, I hope he will be successful to his new job.. thanks for all he contributed to our team.. by the way, we are on the way of finishing our arc for the santacruzan arc contest.. it will be challenging one but we still hope we will win!! hehe what else did I do.. I got headaches when I am trying to study my new deck.. it is so complicated.. damn.. it has limited mana source as well, but don’t worry.. I am just finishing some strategy and I need to complete some cards in the deck.. I believe, they are important.. hehe anyway, I burned some CD’s for Mom.. some oldies but goodies.. my Multiply account is getting, well improvement.. hehe I have now, 8 contacts and I hope it will grow more.. oh, this coming Sunday, our outing is now set.. of course, I am joining!!! it will be the first time that a call center company devoted a day for their employees, and it’s summer!! so I hope it won’t rain.. hehe our schedule will change for this week only, good thing, we will have our 1st day off on Wednesday.. I feel kinda lazy this week.. hehe so the next day off will be Sunday at 5am.. fantastic.. I want to sleep.. hehe so everything is set on this week.. I just need to finish it, like the planning, finishing reading Art of War, because I bought a new book.. from Colayco.. how to save money!! what else.. finish some decks!! and well, be happy.. Thanks God for everything you provided to us.. that’s all for today.. good day, good luck, take care and God bless to all!!


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