KCON 2017 #Committed

How time flies fast? 6 years ago, the first KCON I’ve joined, well we were sitting on a lawn and just staring at the sky feeling the presence of God. It’s like Woodstock. haha Just kidding. Continue reading


Eye of the Beholder

Sometimes, I hope she’s not into this thing. Maybe she could have choose a different career. As for myself, I’m so enamored to his beauty. Very natural despite heavy makeup or no makeup at all. The pictures I’m always seeing, very mesmerizing. I think any get up, fits her very well. Whether its sporty look, glamour attire or even the everyday casual wear. Office Lady with plain makeup still gorgeous for her. Continue reading

unplanned 91

Eto, kakapanood ko lang ng dalawang jdrama episodes. hehe Damn, ano ba, next month na pala ang test ng JLPT. Definitely I’ll take it but let’s accept it. やばい。haha I think I won’t pass it. But I’ll make it up for it. Yun ang sigurado. Matapos lang tong buwan na to, wow 11 months of chaos. hehehe Makakahinga ako medyo maluwag. Continue reading